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Pictures below are from the two past projects' ribbon cutting ceremonies
(Click here for pictures of the Ferry Landing Park project)

The Annual Meeting

Ribbon Cutting at Ferry Landing Park
Ribbon cutting at the Playground

OIBLC Annual Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by President Jim Braddock.
Invocation: John Causey, Pastor, Shallotte Presbyterian Church
Pledge of Allegiance:  All
Introduction of our Guests: Her Honor the Mayor – Debbie Smith,
Our Mayor Pro Tem: Dean Walters, Betty Williamson, D.B. Grantham (A),Bob Williams (A), and Wayne Rowell.
Introduction of OIBLC BOD:  Jerry (A) and Ellen Rothenberg (A), Wayne and Linda Rowell, Bob Rifenberick (A), Kitty Green (A), Bob Mayhew, Betsy Collett, Bob Williams (A), Terry Spell (A), and John Causey
VP of Finance, Wayne Rowell reviewed our finances.             
Administrative points: A hearty “Thank you” to Board Member and Friend Bob Mayhew for making sure the letters got printed and in the mail and dotting all the I(s) and T(s) concerning this meeting.
Each year beginning with the Dedication of Ferry Landing Park in 2009, Jim has stood before you and addressed one of the major visions of this Land Conservancy and that is a Nature Trail linking our island with the 15+ Acre Island Tract between our island and Bricklanding Plantation.
Nothing has changed in this regard.  After many years going it alone, we formed a Partnership with the Town of OIB last winter and Debbie Smith and Daisy Ivey have worked diligently with the State of NC process to secure a long term lease. 
It may take more sweat and tears and hard (and patient) effort but we still believe that our perseverance will pay off for the future of our beautiful island paradise.
In the mean time we will plan and implement to the extent possible the design and construction of the boardwalk across the Rourk Property linking 2nd Street and the Island Tract.
Motion for adjournment, Wayne Rowell.  Seconded by Dean Walters   So Moved at 10:25am

The island mentioned in the minutes above is featured here in the photo above and to the left of the words 'Shallotte Sound'. Shallotte Blvd. is the long white line from north - south on the right.